Our Advantage

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Tactical Success in Real Estate Solutions

The NRES Advantage

We deliver speed, transparency and accuracy through our sophisticated technology platform as well as stringent adherence to quality management and vendor approval.

Quality Control & Compliance

Through quality management and careful vendor oversight NRES reduces your exposure to risk. We have a customizable process that adapts vendor training programs to the guidelines established by each individual client, investor or insurer.

NRES offers:

  • Standard pricing and expense guidelines
  • Validated pricing via replacement cost technology
  • Stringent vendor review process
  • Customized training to client guidelines
  • Inspections run to client requirements
  • Matches FHA/VA, Freddie Mac, FNMA guidelines
  • Compliance with all FDCPA requirements
  • Coverage of any workmanship defects
  • Compliant vacant property registration

Advanced Paperless Technology

NRES’ sophisticated technology platform provides speed, accuracy, and a flexible order management system with full transparency to assess your portfolio’s progress – in real time, at any time. You will:

  • Monitor contractor and vendor quality
  • Track progress and gauging performance
  • Order and receive invoices within your own platform
  • Manually enter data for smaller portfolios
  • Rapidly assign work orders

Our flexible, paperless asset management system allows seamless, manual online upload of assets for quick turnaround:

  • Customized invoice delivery process
  • Access to photos
  • Bids and alert notification
  • Easy boarding
  • Automated, auditable confirmation by email
  • Automated status uploads of completed PCR, with photos
  • Color-coded status screens that provide preemptive issue resolution
  • Duplicate order blocking

Portfolio Status & Reporting

Full transparency to your portfolio allows real-time status, access to order details and preemptive issue resolution:

  • Comprehensive Property Condition Report
  • Valuation factors
  • Marketability factors
  • Repair needs
  • Vendor status updates
  • Valuation reports