Construction Risk Mitigation

//Construction Risk Mitigation
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Construction Risk Mitigation

CFSI Construction Risk Mitigation Data SheetThrough our sister company, CFSI Loan Management, we offer full-service, independent, construction risk mitigation services supporting lenders and private individuals nationwide.  We manage the entire fund control process throughout the entire construction phase for existing portfolios or assist in building new portfolios to ensure on-time completion, to closely monitor the budget  and to make certain the project is free of mechanic’s liens.

Our in-house, client dedicated team works within lender established standards and hold state-specific risk management expertise.  We offer web-based budget and draw status, meticulous inspections and closely monitor contractors.

Services include:
Construction Risk Mitigation

  • Contractor Profile Review
  • Project Review & Recommendation
  • Funds Disbursement Control
  • Portfolio Auditing
  • Due Diligence
  • Cost-To-Complete Analysis
  • Title Run-Downs