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The Strategy for the Highest ROI

RepairSmart BPO for Asset Management Services

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We boast an exceptional team of Real Estate Owned specialists who take a customized approach to enhance your due diligence process and help quickly prepare the property for marketing.

Services can start with our specialty valuation report, RepairSmart™ BPO, which is the only valuation solution that combines the expertise of a qualified home inspector and the recommendation of a local market agent with a proprietary repair cost estimator to provide the optimum strategy for you asset.

We can seamlessly and efficiently help implement that strategy through our specialty REO asset management services:

  • Eviction
  • Vacant Registry
  •  Secure, Clean & Preservation
  • Improvement & Rehab
  •  Maintenance
  • Specialty Field Services
    • REO Auction Marketing
    • Loan Modification Documents Services
    • Cash for Keys